People Who Care, "A Love Story"

Angie & JEff A Mother's Love

Finding out your mother has cancer is, of course, tragic. But in Jeff's case, his beloved mother ensured this personal tragedy led to his happiness. As Jeff's mother was waging war against this terrible disease, her finely tuned motherly instincts prompted her to dabble in matchmaking for her single son. Hearing about Angie through a mutual friend, his mother urged, "Don't be here in my hospital room! Go introduce yourself to this lovely young woman!" Angie's intelligence and compassion immediately won Jeff's heart, and the attraction was mutual.

A Business Based on Compassion

Though Jeff's mother lost her health battle before the wedding, Jeff and Angie married and have built a life together based on their compassionate strengths. Angie was in nursing school when they met and Jeff was in construction. Because of his experience with end-of-life care for his mother, and his great admiration for Angie's nursing skill and loving heart, Jeff closed his construction company and in 1999 Custom Care Nursing was founded.

Demand for Excellence

Locating skilled caregivers and licensed nursing staff, Custom Care Nursing extensively reviews each applicant prior to hiring. Background checks are done. Education, licensing, and references are checked. But so are the details like table manners and demeanor so our staff can accompany clients as they dine out or travel. Additionally each employee is bonded and insured. No one is sent to a home that Angie wouldn't want in her own home, caring for her own loved one.

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Our Pledge to You

1. We will do everything within our power to provide unprecedented care and attention to your healthcare needs.

2. As the client, your wish is our command, and we will stop at nothing to ensure your comfort and satisfaction, including:
Providing the highest quality and professionally skilled nursing care to best serve you
Medical advocates who can accompany you to doctors' appointments
Personal assistants who can help with cleaning, cooking, and errands
Caring companions who enjoy talking and spending time with you

3. We empower you to remain in control of your health care decisions while preserving your dignity and self-respect.

4. As compassionate, loving, and nurturing professionals, we value our relationships with our clients and their families, and vow to treat our clients as if they were our closest loved ones.

5. Because serving as your caregiver is a personal, even intimate position, we are committed to providing a staff member who is highly compatible, and is dedicated to discretion and confidentiality.


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